asexual adult

The Planarian Anatomoy Ontology (PLANA) is a collection of classes curated from the literature and other organism anatomy ontologies to describe anatomical features, life cycle stages and developmental processes in the regenerative flatworm Schmidtea mediterranea. The latest version of the PLANA Ontology is available through the Open Biological and Biomedical Ontology Foundry (OBO) . PLANA Ontology classes are searchable at the EMBL-EBI Ontology Lookup Service (OLS) and the PLANA Ontology Terms Page.

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  asexual adult


  Asexually reproducing Schmidtea mediterranea exist as constitutive adults, undergoing successive cycles of fission and whole animal regeneration. Asexual Schmidtea mediterranea contain primordial germ cells, but do not possess a reproductive system.




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  asexual adult "is a" life cycle stage

  asexual adult "specific_to" Smed asexual biotype

  pharynx pouch epithelium, parenchyma, gut branch, post-pharyngeal region, pharynx epithelium, tail tip, female primordial germ cell, Hyman vesicle, collecting duct epithelial cell, distal tubule epithelial cell, proximal tubule epithelial cell, lateral nerve, transverse commissure, viscid gland cell, rhabdomere, TrpA+ central nervous system neuron, cintillo+ sensory neuron, secretory duct, releasing gland cell, rhabdome, pharynx inner epithelium, pharynx circular muscle cell, adhesion gland, anchor cell, postsynaptic cell, premeiotic germ cell, posterior pole, anterior pole, glial cell, pharynx tip, optic nerve, pharynx outer epidermal cell, ommochrome pigment cell, medial muscle cell, melanosome, mucus, marginal adhesive zone, pharynx inner epidermal cell, inner zone of gland cells, germ cell cyst, germline stem cell, eumelanin, extracellular matrix, ventral nerve cord, epidermal rhabdite, dorsal-ventral muscle cell, proximal tubule, pharynx pouch, Category 1 cell, parenchymal musculature, cephalic ganglia lobe, outer longitudinal muscle cell, mouth, optic cup, brain visual center, intestinal phagocyte, anterior tip, inner longitudinal muscle cell, auricle, gastrodermis, flame cell, adhesive papilla, goblet cell, esophagus, enteric musculature, flame bulb, adenal rhabdite, dorsal stripe, distal tubule, diagonal muscle cell, digestive tract lumen, oral opening, pharynx lumen, pharynx pouch cavity, pharynx inner epithelium surface, pharynx outer epithelium surface, gastrodermis surface, pharynx pouch epithelial surface, head, prepharyngeal region, parapharyngeal region, tail, tail stripe, neoblast, male primordial germ cell, optic chiasm, anterior commissure, cholinergic neuron, GABAergic neuron, lateral branch, submuscular nerve plexus, gastrodermal plexus, subepidermal nerve plexus, neuropil, pharynx outer epithelium, pharynx musculature, pharynx inner nerve plexus, pharynx radial muscle cell, serotonergic neuron, dopaminergic neuron, body wall musculature, pharynx outer nerve plexus, secretory pore, octopaminergic neuron, pharynx longitudinal muscle cell, pharynx, photoreceptor neuron, Category 4 cell, protonephridia, Category 5 cell, Category 2 cell, gut, midline, pigment cup cell, epidermis, Category 3 cell, eye, circular muscle cell, cephalic ganglia and collecting duct "is a" asexual adult




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