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Search for transcripts by ID, experimentally determined tissue/pattern, homologs (best BLAST hits), GO terms, and PFAM protein domain terms. All the following search fields are cumulative, meaning the results need to meet all provided criteria. For more information about how the data was generated and descriptions of the results table see About this Gene Search. Find links to download the results in FASTA or CVS format at the bottom of the results.

This box requires exact SMED300XXXXX IDs. To search by homologs see 'Search by homologs' below. To find a SMED300XXXXX ID using other transcriptomes see Rosetta Stone Transcript Mapper.
Examples: SMED30002427. For multiple search terms use the "Contains any word" filter and separate with spaces or commas.
See Glossary for Planarian Tissue Terms or EBI's OLS PLANA Search. This is a simple exact match search. For a more complete search see PAGE Searches.
Examples: muscle, neoblast.
A collection of BLAST analyses have been precomputed, search best hits against human, C.elegans, fruit fly, zebrafish, mouse, cavefish, sea lamprey, yeast, star anemone, Xenopus, pufferfish, SMEST, and Uniprot.
Examples: HDAC
Examples: GO:0016575, protein binding. GO terms are displayed on the linked Gene page in the "Annotated Terms" Section.
Examples: PF00046, "Homeobox"

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