Rosetta Stone Mapping Table 2020

Analysis NameRosetta Stone Mapping Table 2020
MethodRosettaStone (20200515)
Date performed2020-05-15

To create this map we selected 10 transcriptomes available through Planmine (Rozanski et al., 2019), Schmidtea mediterranea nucleotide sequences from the NCBI (NCBI Resource Coordinators, 2016) and dd_Smed_v4 (an older version of the dd_Smed_v6 transcriptome available on Planmine). Sequences from all transcriptomes were aligned with blat (-minScore=100 -minIdentity=95) (Kent, 2002) to the most recent gene model transcripts (dd_Smes_v2) and to smed_20140614 (Tu et al., 2015). Aligned sequences were assigned to the corresponding gene models. Microarray probe sequences were aligned to reference sequences with blat (-minScore=30 -minIdentity=95)

Download the 2017-12-07 mapping table smed_20140614.mapping.rosettastone.2020.txt