Planosphere: Sánchez Lab planarian resources

Planosphere is a collection of data and tools from Sánchez lab planarian publications.

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BLAST, Rosetta Stone Transcript Mapper, Gene Search, Anatomical Expression Search, etc.


Understand embryogenesis in Schmidtea mediterranea.

Davies et. al., 2017

Neoblast Clusters

Explore Single-Cell sequencing of Neoblast Clusters.

Zeng et. al., 2018

Anatomy Ontology & PAGE

Explore Anatomical Terms and Community Expression

Nowotarski et. al., 2021


Browse SmedSxl v31 Genome assemly

Robb et. al., 2015

Cutting Class

Planarian educational resource where cutting class is required

Accorsi et. al., 2018


Chromosome assembly of Schmidtea mediterranea Sexual biotype

Guo et. al., 2021


Explore Expression during Regeneration with Single-Cell sequencing

Benham-Pyle et. al., 2021